Roof Inspection

Montgomery Construction & Roofing supplies commercial business and residential homes in Central Texas with roofing services. We are completely licensed and insured and been so since 1998. While continuing to apply high moral standards and family-friendly customer services to our superior execution on all services rendered, our customers are always satisfied making us the go to roofing company. Montgomery Construction & Roofing utilizes high-end quality tools, supplies, equipment, and products to compliment the skills and training of our roofing contractors to deliver premium results.

When Should You Inspect a Roof?

Rooftops are a major component to your home or commercial building’s structure; it also serves as a barrier to protect those within from the elements. Having your roof inspected periodically is a beneficial investment. A Montgomery Construction & Roofing roof inspection is ideal when your home or business’s roof is over 10 years of age, has endured some abuse from the weather, or endured years of neglect. If the roof experiences any wear and tear, or inflicted with some kind of damage, the consequences could be catastrophic. To ensure your roof isn’t in severe condition, enlist Montgomery Construction & Roofing roof inspection service.

What Does a Roof Inspection Check For?

Montgomery Construction & Roofing’s comprehensive roof inspection service is very meticulous, covering every square inch of commercial or residential rooftop in a professional, unbiased manner, delivering a detailed report of any findings, and sharing custom solutions to rectify the issues. Our roof inspection includes, but is not limited to the following:
– Visual inspection of obvious signs of damage and deterioration, especially the concerning areas that need immediate attention.
– Structural deformations or abnormalities.
– Dirt and debris accumulation.
– Pools of standing water.
– Obstructed, flawed, or damaged gutters and downspouts.
– Roof’s structural components are checked for durability and any signs of compromise. Leaks around chimney, skylights, and vents are looked for and if any signs are noticed joists and sheathing need to be inspected as they usually suffer more damage in the event of a roof.
– Chimney from top to base of the roof.
– Vents and service pipes are checked for any signs of damage to and around the source.
– Fascia components are looked over.
– Drip edges and decking are inspected for damage or missing parts, along with rust and rot.
– Skylights are inspected for wear and tear.
– Under the roof in the attic space. Interior roof structure is just as important to inspect as the exterior. It too needs to be inspected regularly, especially with buildings featuring an unfinished attic where no one visits and sees beginning stages of deterioration.
– Leaks
– Water damage
– Mold and mildew
– Rot

Roofing Inspections in Central Texas

Montgomery Construction & Roofing’s roof inspection service is extended to commercial buildings and residential homes, with specific components to each type of root being inspected. If your Central Texas home or business’s roof is in need of a professional inspection, contact Montgomery Construction & Roofing to schedule your roof inspection, even if you don’t see any obvious signs of decay, a trained expert can either verify the roof is in perfect condition, or find subtle issues that can be easily rectified before major problems ensue. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection.

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