Commercial Metal Building Contractors

The thought of adding a commercial metal building can be daunting but Montgomery Roofing has outlined a few basic steps that will guide you to crafting a metal building to best meet your needs.

Step One: Commercial Metal Building Planning

Just like any building project, ordering a commercial metal building to your specifications and erecting it requires planning. Some factors that must be planned include materials, insultation, doors, windows, foundation, size, budget, blueprints and permits. It’s a great idea to start developing a wish list for your commercial metal building. Consider where best to situate it and how you plan to use it. This will help you decide how large it should be as well as the size and location of doors and windows? Once you have this preliminary plan, Montgomery Roofing can create a commercial metal building design ideal for your purpose and budget.

Step Two: Create a Commercial Metal Building Design

Montgomery Roofing will develop a customized commercial building design that complies with local building codes and load requirements. Our design will consider the specific parts of your new metal building and how these components assemble together including building use and traffic patterns to determine where doors and windows should go for example. Other design factors include the style of the building, layout, roof type and color as well as type and level of insulation required.

Step Three: Get a Commercial Metal Building Permit

Most local municipalities require a completed application and engineered structural plans to pull a permit. The structural plans completed in the design phase provide detailed information about your new commercial metal building. Information such as how it is constructed and connected, where it is welded and bolted together, and how it is drilled into the ground will all help to secure a building permit. Most municipalities also require a site plan for land improvements outlining the proposed building footprint, travel ways, trails, parking, drainage facilities, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, lighting and landscaping features. If your metal building has a restroom, kitchen, HVAC, plumbing, mechanical and/or electrical permit(s) may also be necessary. Montgomery Roofing will take care of all necessary permit paperwork so that local authorities approve the project as quickly as possible.

Step Four: Commercial Metal Building Site Preparation

The structural integrity of a commercial metal building depends on a firm foundation which begins with a properly prepared construction site. Montgomery Roofing will expertly complete all site prep considering flood zones, frost lines, building size and application. We will typically remove all existing vegetation, rocks, trees and/or stumps and then extensively grade the area to form a firm and level base. Next we pour concrete and footings for the commercial metal building foundation.

Step Five: Erecting the Commercial Metal Building

Erecting a metal commercial building takes less time than a wood building. The installation times vary depending on the size and equipment used. The knowledge and experience of Montgomery Roofing’s contractors in conjunction with our modern and well maintained equipment help the building erection go faster. After the building is erected, any HVAC, plumbing and electrical can be installed.

Step Six: Approval of Commercial Metal Building

Every construction stage of your metal project, from the foundation to the plumbing, electrical wiring, and the building itself, must pass inspection upon completion. When you hire Montgomery Roofing, you will not have to worry. You new commercial metal building will meet all local codes and be issued a certificate of completion so you can move right in.

Commercial Metal Building Construction

Montgomery Roofing is here to guide you through the whole process of your commercial metal building construction and will make sure your project moves forward. Before you know it, you will be working from your new building and be wondering how you ever ran your business without it!

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